^^ Our EF/CF Attitude ^^

Evoke your Fantasy for Creative Freedom.



Children just play with their own curiosity, not because ordered by anyone. Thinking With that memories of the early days that everyone experienced as a hint, if we continue to act on the basis of our favorite things and voluntary curiosity even well into adulthood, the more diverse lifestyle and the more free and creative world will spread out?
With such a simple question, a creative lab KREA LIBERO (means Creative Freedom) has started.

Our mission is to keep aiming for a creative freedom society where we can keep curiosity and comprehend diversity together.

Our Vision

そんな単純な問いをきっかけに、クレアリベロ(KREA LIBERO = Creative Freedom)というクリエイティブ・ラボがスタートしました。


Our Focus

分断する世界をつなぐもの、人や社会をもっとフレキシブルにするものはなんだろう? 子どもの好奇心や夢、ごっこ遊びに見られる空想と現実の間にあるファンタジーが、つなぎやクッションになるかも知れない。では、それをどうやったら人の心や社会に引き出せるんだろう?




What connects the divided world? What make people and society more flexible? Curiosity in our childhood and fantasy lying between imagnation and reality is one of the keys, which play the role of a bridge or cushion. So how can we draw it out to our hearts, our society?
Let’s look back the basic actions “write” “listen” and “see” once again with reference to the science like developmental psychology or brain science research, numerous arts and opinions around us.

Returning back to basics, we would make products, contents, services to provide experiences that lead to essential awareness and joy.



Akemimi (representative, narrator, mother of two children)
<Experience> French, Project management, Parenting
<Role> Research, Presentation, Finance
<Favourites since childhood> Song, Piano, Other cultures
<3 Curiosities> Travel, Cultural art (for children), Diversity
Kaminari Ame (writer, director)
<Experience> Sound and Visual production, Front-end design, Optical design, Prototyping in Vietnam
<Role> Design, Production, Writing
<Favourites since childhood> Sound, Read-Write-Imagine, Exploration (surprising)
<3 Curiosities> Journey, Multiverse, NDE

Our Founders

<経験> フランス語、プロジェクトマネージメント、子育て
<担当> リサーチ、プレゼンテーション、ファイナンス
<子どもの頃に好きだったこと> 歌、ピアノ、異文化
<3つの好奇心> 旅、(子どものための)文化芸術、多様性
Kaminari Ame(作家、ディレクター)
<経験> 音と映像の制作、フロントエンド・デザイン、ベトナムでのプロトタイピング
<担当> 企画、制作、執筆
<子ども時代から好きなこと> 音、読み書き想像、探検(おどろき)
<3つの好奇心> 旅、Multiverse、NDE