Cool Choice Kawasaki city (Flapper Card)

Illustration, Graphic design, Copywriting

The “COOL CHOICE” project of the Ministry of the Environment, together with Kawasaki City’s philosophy “Colors, Various is Future” was promoted by Kawasaki City by creating printed materials called flapper card for children as a learning tool.
The card looks like a normal card at a glance, but depending on how it is folded, it can display information on four sides. The children loved the game of flapping and folding the cards to find the correct combination. We were in charge of illustration, design and copywriting.

環境省のプロジェクト“COOL CHOICE”を、川崎市の理念「Colors, Future いろいろって、未来」とともに川崎市が推進するためのツールとして、フラッパーカードという印刷物を子供向けに作成しました。